Representative Office of Warrior Mfg., LLC

The Warrior Mfg LLC Company, which occupies a leading position in the US in production of steel structures and material handling for grain and food industry opens a representative office in Ukraine.

The company’s office to be located in Kharkov, and will be represented by Valerii Nokhrin – sales manager, and Natalia Vusyk – Marketing Consultant.

Valerii and Natalia has an extensive experience in cooperation with the grain elevators and port terminals in Ukraine and Russia in terms of project development, equipment supplies, post-sales service, as well as informational and marketing support of the customers. Both specialists began their careers in Intersystems company and have solid knowledge and high skills in working with clients in Ukraine and abroad in this field.

Warrior Mfg LLC was founded in 1978 and began with the production of steel structures for the grain industry, including conveyor trusses, support towers, ladders and platforms. The company has been developing actively and, over time, added a line of bulk weighers and square bins for storage. In 2015 Warrior added its Material Handling Division based in Omaha, Nebraska. The professional management, engineering and manufacturing staff at Warrior Mfg bring decades of experience in the design and production of material handling equipment.

“Agriculture is developing rapidly in Ukraine, and this development requires the introduction of new solutions” – says Thomas Schroeder, executive vice president of Warrior. “In designing of our line of equipment, which includes chain conveyors and bucket elevators and scales, we proceeded of today’s requirements for quality, ease of maintenance and the ability to work in heavy duty conditions. Warrior offers the most advanced solutions in the grain industry and the opening of representative offices in Kharkov will greatly simplify and speed up the communication to our Ukrainian customers. We are delighted that Valerii and Natalia joined us “

“We are excited to be able to provide a high quality product in Ukraine and believe that Ukrainian agrarians will be able to recognize Warrior as reliable partner, says Randy Stauffer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Warrior. “Valerii and Natalia are qualified professionals with great experience and it is the key to our growth in Ukraine “

Unique design, high standards and commitment to delivering quality products to our customers has enabled Warrior to complete projects in all of the continental United States and in more than thirty countries across the globe. Since October 2017 is represented in Ukraine at:

Str. Akademika Proskury, 1, office 532, Kharkov, Ukraine, 61070.

Bridging the Span from Concept to Construction